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to do the right thing.

With an uncertain economy and financial resources stretched for both commercial and residential customers coupled with high up-front  cost and long payback period of Solar energy systems, paying out-of-pocket for a new Solar energy system is not possible for many customers.

Financial focus

Our innovative financial model enables all environmentally conscious consumers with a financial focus to make a smart choice today and enjoy a new property that is more affordable, comfortable , and environmentally friendly.


All the complexities involved by the very own nature of solar systems from purchasing and installing to approval application to Eskom to connect to the grid is handled by our qualified team of contractors and project management team.


We stand by our work, on your rooftop, long after we have signed the Lease Agreement, we’ve put solar panels up on your roof and we have turned on the solar power. This is simply because we have a strong emphasis on accountability and reliability and our appreciation for your partaking in making solar the mainstream energy .


Unlike known Solar Leasing Agreements or Solar Power Purchasing Agreements that locks you in a 20plus year contract, our Lease Agreement is flexible. In addition, Photovoltaics' Lease Agreement usually results in a higher value for your property when you sell it. This is because when the new owner takes possession of the building, they also have an option to assume our Lease Agreement and rental income obtained from that agreement. 

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A solar power system is customized for your unique rooftop, so rental income will vary based on location, system size, green energy incentives and local utility rates. However, rooftop rental income  is guaranteed. Not all rooftops are ideal to lease. Photovoltaics is interested in unshaded rooftops with 200 square meters or more of usable space. A 30 kW system installed on your roof can give you an annual rental income of up to R 65,000  with an annual increase of 4-6% each year for the entire term of the Lease Agreement.