Lease us your roof space.

Our business model is based upon leasing unused rooftop space from you, as a building owner, with a generous compensation plan tailored to your needs. We then cover this idle rooftop space with solar panels entirely at our own expense. This opens a new guaranteed revenue stream for you the building owner. At no point is any financial or in-kind investment required from you.

In short, you become our landlord and we become your rooftop tenant, giving you a rental income. You do not have to suddenly be an expert in solar, you don’t have to manage and maintain unfamiliar equipment and you don’t need to incur out-of-pocket costs. You just lease the space, which would otherwise be an unproductive asset, and let us do the rest.

The sun shines on your roof…
why not get paid for it?

Fewer rooftop penetrations
Trouble-free roof maintenance or replacement

Our installation ensures that the integrity of your rooftop is maintained.

We have chosen mounting brackets and panel systems that require little penetrations or reinforcements.

Our panels are mounted with a lower panel angle to reduce wind load.

Low-angle panels are less visible and are unlikely to affect your building’s curb appeal

We will ensure that access and maintenance of your roof is a simple process.

We will remove a string of panels at no charge in the event that a leak in the roof needs to be repaired.

We will respond within a few hours, 7-days a week, in emergency situations.
We will remove our entire panel system, at no cost, should you have to replace your roof envelope during the life of the lease.

Lease agreement highlights

Terms and conditions in our lease agreement are similar to those found in landlord/tenant legal arrangements. Our intent is to pay your rent while eliminating risk and any costs associated with the relationship.

We insure our panels and equipment so that you won’t see any increases in insurance resulting from our solar systems.

You  can terminate the lease in the event of demolition, substantial renovation, or redevelopment.

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A solar power system is customized for your unique rooftop, so rental income will vary based on location, system size, green energy incentives and local utility rates. However, rooftop rental income  is guaranteed. Not all rooftops are ideal to lease. Photovoltaics is interested in unshaded rooftops with 200 square meters or more of usable space. A 30 kW system installed on your roof can give you an annual rental income of up to R 65,000  with an annual increase of 4-6% each year for the entire term of the Lease Agreement.