is up to task for powering your energy needs

In today’s global economy, being green is not only good for the environment, it is good business. Solar energy is clearly sufficient in scale to meet all of mankind’s energy needs, If it can be harnessed and stored in a cost-effective way.


Our solution is to make solar energy the mainstream energy source and the greener solution to the current erratic escalation of non-renewable fossil fuel energy prices by making it affordable to you. We offer a simple, reliable and cost efficient way to manage  your rising energy prices and lower your carbon footprint. 

Our solar panels not only generate clean energy on your roof, they also generate cash in your pocket. That’s because when you go solar with us, your roof actually earns you rental income. The guaranteed rental income allows you to plan for your future. See how our solution can make going solar the right choice for you.

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A solar power system is customized for your unique rooftop, so rental income will vary based on location, system size, green energy incentives and local utility rates. However, rooftop rental income  is guaranteed. Not all rooftops are ideal to lease. Photovoltaics is interested in unshaded rooftops with 200 square meters or more of usable space. A 30 kW system installed on your roof can give you an annual rental income of up to R 65,000  with an annual increase of 4-6% each year for the entire term of the Lease Agreement.